Ace Wrap

Ace Wrap

We provide ACE wraps in varied sizes to treat common injuries, like sprains. The main function of an ACE wrap is to reduce swelling and inflammation to promote adequate blood flow and healing.  ACE wraps are also known as compression bandages and are often used to carry out treatment for compression in the Acronym R.I.C.E. This stands for Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation.


Proper ways to use ACE bandages to reduce swelling are:

  • It is recommended to only use elastic bandages in the first 24-48 hours after an injury
  • Make sure you are combining rest and elevation with compression whenever it is possible
  • Don’t wrap the ACE bandage too tightly! You do not want to block blood flow
  • Elastic bandages do not provide support! They are for compression only. If you are intending to keep an area from twisting or becoming re-injured, an ACE bandage will not suffice!


When do I need to use an ACE wrap?

ACE wraps are used to help reduce swelling of an injured area of the body and to help restrain loose joints. It also serves to hold bandages and splints in place after an injury of the upper or lower extremities during the healing process. If a sprain does not heal correctly. the joint may become unstable, resulting in weakness or re-injury of the affected limb. Proper initial care of a sprain is critical to the healing process. ACE bandage wrap can also provide an additional source of support during activities.


What to expect when coming into our office?

ACE wrap sizes make a difference. When you come into our clinic and one of our providers diagnoses you with a sprain or injury that warrants an ace bandage, a trained member of our medical team will apply it for you. The wider the bandage is, the more compression you will get without blocking the blood flow. There are alternatives to ACE bandages as well. Coban is a self-adherent compression bandage that provides similar compression to that of an elastic bandage. Coban is preferred often because it has the added benefit that it acts as tape and adheres to itself without sticking to the skin. Coban is seen more in sports settings. It also comes in many sizes like the ACE bandage. Being that Coban mimics tape, it is more versatile and flexible but still provides adequate compression. Our trained medical staff will find the best ACE wrap sizes, and options for you.