Free Medications

Antibiotics can be life saving if you are sick with a bacterial infection, but they are not good for you to take if you have a virus or infection that would not respond to an antibiotic. Antibiotics have potential side effects and can lead to resistance. If you are sick with a bacterial infection, we will provide you with free antibiotic pills. If it is not a bacterial infection we will give you the proper treatment for your condition, which is not antibiotics.

Yes, that’s right, if you have a bacterial infection, you will receive free antibiotics whether you have health insurance, or pay for your visit out of pocket. Short term doses of Prednisone are also available free of charge.

We purchase antibiotics from the pharmacy and give them to you for free to improve the value of your experience. We hope this kind gesture will make us the go-to urgent care for your family and friends.

Please note:  We do not provide liquid/pediatric medications.

List of free Medications (Note: All medications listed are in pill form and are adult doses)

NOTE: Free medications are only dispensed to patients when their medical illness requires said medications. The longest course of antibiotics that we provide is ten days, we make every effort to stay well stocked with all of our medications, but there will be times when certain medications are not in stock.