Urine Drug Screen

We offer Urine Drug Screen testing in our office. We are very strict with the collection methods of Urine Drug Screens and follow the Department of Transportation (DOT) guidelines. Our staff are DOT certified to do Drug Screens.

Many employers require a pre-employment or post-accident drug screen. This is the evaluation of urine to determine if there are drugs in your system. Drug screening is commonly done when the applicant has a job where public safety is of high concern.

We can collect five and ten panel drug screens in our office. A five-panel drug screen will test for five basic drugs which are, Marijuana, Cocaine, PCP, Opiates, and Amphetamines. A ten-panel drug screen goes deeper and in addition to the above drugs, includes prescription drugs such as oxycodone, methadone, benzodiazepines, barbiturates, and Ecstasy.

What to expect when you come into our clinic

Your employer or organization may or may not have given you a Chain of Custody form. If they did, make sure you bring that with you as well as a photo identification.
One of the DOT certified members of our trained medical staff will then instruct you on the collection of the drug screen. After showing government issued, picture ID, you will be required to empty your pockets. You will wash your hands prior to providing a specimen. You will then receive a specimen cup and our staff will instruct you on how to provide a urine sample. You will enter the bathroom alone. The bathroom will be set up to be tamper proof. You must provide at least 45 milliliters of urine for the sample. Once you do that, you will come out of the bathroom with the urine and hand it off to the staff member administering the test and wash your hands again. The temperature range of your sample will be measured to ensure that your urine is in the expected range. You will fill out paper work and our staff will seal and send your urine off to the lab for analysis.
Results will normally come back within 72 hours. If the initial drug screen is negative (no drugs detected) the negative results will be sent to the requesting company or employer. If you have a positive result for illegal drugs, the Medical Review Officer (the physician from the urine analyzing company, not our physician) will contact you directly for further questioning. The Medical Review Officer is a licensed physician that is solely responsible for receiving and reviewing laboratory results. His or her job is evaluating medical explanations and providing appropriate documentation for positive drug screen results. If you take a prescription which will cause the test to be positive, the physician that calls you will ask for proof to be faxed. If you provide adequate proof that you are legally prescribed whatever drug was detected on the Urine Drug Screen, then the test will be reported as a negative drug screen.

If you need a pre-employment, post-accident, or even a personal drug screen you can come to our clinic at a walk in basis and one of our well trained staff members will be glad to administer your drug screen. You do not need to see the Physician to have a Urine Drug Screen.