Work Comp Injuries

Work Comp Injuries

I was injured on the job, what do I do?

First, you need to notify your employer of your injury. They will file a claim with the company’s Workman’s Compensation insurance. This is a type of insurance only available to employees who are injured while working, which will cover your medical expenses.

What should I bring with me into the office to be seen?

Please bring with you the following items/documents:

  1. Photo I.D.

  2. Employer contact information

  3. Any accident reports/authorization forms

  4. Any other medical records pertaining to your Work Comp injury, i.e. Emergency Room records

What procedures can your office provide?

We can provide basic procedures in office including x-rays (from elbow to fingers and knees to toes), laceration repairs, blood work, foreign body removal, splinting, drug screening, etc. We are BAT certified.

What if I need further imaging/care other than what can be provided in the office?

If follow up care or additional imaging is necessary after your visit with us, we are able to refer you out with the appropriate orders for imaging (CT, MRI, Ultrasound, etc.) and/or specialists (Orthopedic, Physical Therapist, Ophthalmologist, etc.). If you are sent out for further imaging, we will receive your results and call you to come in and review them with our provider on staff. If your treatment requires this, we will contact and send any of these orders to your Work Comp Adjuster and they will schedule these appointments for you.

Work Comp Injuries

What happens if I need a prescription? Is that covered by Worker’s Comp insurance too?

Yes, medications are also covered by worker’s compensation insurance. We have the ability to dispense most medications to you right from our office at no cost to you if the Worker’s Comp insurance covers it. If the insurance company does not cover our office to directly dispense to you or we do not have the medication that you need, we will give you the necessary information to take with you to a local pharmacy and have it filled there while still being covered under the Worker’s Comp insurance.

Can your office provide casting?

Unfortunately, our office does not provide casting, however we can provide some medical equipment such as splints, walking boots, braces, crutches, etc. that can be given to you right in our clinic at no charge to you.

Can I follow up on my Work Comp injury in your office after I’m seen in the ER?

Absolutely. We will do a medical evaluation and request your hospital records to continue your care.

What happens after my visit in your office?

We will provide you with a DWC-25 form which includes doctor/provider findings, any work restrictions if necessary and a follow-up date/time frame if necessary. We will send a copy of this to your employer as well as your Work Comp Adjuster when you are assigned one so all parties are aware of your treatment and progress. You will receive a new DWC-25 for every visit you have with us regarding your Work Comp injury.

Work Comp Injuries