Work Injuries

Work Injuries

We treat Work Injuries at Doctors Urgent Care. An injury that occurs while working is normally covered through a Workers Compensation Insurance policy held by your employer. Your own private insurance is not normally used for such an injury.

Did you injure yourself at work?

The first step is to notify your employer about your injury. They will then file a claim through the company’s Workers Compensation Insurance. If this is not happening, you may call yourself. The Workers Compensation information and contacts should be posted in a very visible location, usually in a staff break room. Workers Compensation Insurance is a form of insurance obtained by employers to ensure employees that are injured on the job get the necessary medical care they may need.

What do I need to bring to the office visit at Doctors Urgent Care?

Please bring the following Items/Documents:

  1. Photo Identification

  2. Employer contact Information

  3. Any incident reports or authorization

  4. If you were seen at the E.R. first please bring your records from that visit

What procedures do we provide?

Procedures that we provide in the office include; x-rays (arms from the elbow to finger, Legs from the knee to the toes), laceration repair, blood work, splinting, drug screens, vaccine booster, wound care, Breath Alcohol testing… ETC.

What if I need further imaging/care that can not be provided in the office?

If follow up care/imaging is needed after your visit here we can refer you for a MRI, CT, or visits at a specialist like a physical therapist or orthopedic doctor. Then our providers will provide your Workers comp insurance adjuster the necessary orders so they may set up your care thereafter.

Medications/medical equipment

We can dispense medications within the office as long your workers’ compensations insurance company allows. Some patients are given a prescription to fill medications at a pharmacy. This is all up to the provider’s discretion and if necessary. We also have medical equipment we can dispense within the office, such as; walking boots, crutches and braces.

Can I follow up with you after I was initially seen at an ER for my injury?

Yes. Upon injuring yourself, if you went to the ER, you can follow up at our facility for your injury. We will evaluate and continue your treatment.

What happens next?

After your visit, you will be given a standard Workers Comp form called the DWC-25 form, which will include what was done for you during the visit and your work restrictions (if any). This DWC-25 will also be faxed to your employer. Your employer should follow the restrictions and then assign you appropriate work based on possible restrictions.