Frequently Asked Questions

Your health is our primary concern, that is why we welcome your questions and take the time to answer them.

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General Questions
What should I bring with me to my appointment?
Who should I call if I have a billing question?
What forms of payment do you accept?
What type of Physicians do you have at your clinic?
How long does it usually take to receive my lab results?
Is there a charge to receive my medical records?
Can I access my medical information online?
Do I need to book an appointment to see a doctor at Doctor’s Urgent Care?
What if I already have a family doctor?
What can I expect to pay if I am going through insurance?

School and Sports Physicals

About FLU Vaccines
When is the flu season?
Who should get vaccinated?
What types of vaccines are available at Doctor's Urgent Care Walk in Clinic?
How much is the flu vaccine?
I am not feeling well. Can I still get my flu vaccine?
I was vaccinated last year. Why do I need to do it again this year?