Self Pay Prices

We believe in transparency in our office pricing. For those without health insurance the following outlines our discounted charges for paying in full at time of service.

Because you will be paying in full at time of service, a significant discount to our customary pricing has already been applied to these below pricing. By you paying at the visit, we save significantly on the time and cost of insurance verification, billing company charges, payment denial management, medical documentation and other savings. We have passed these savings on to you in these reduced self pay rates.

Office Prices for Self Pay Patients

Self Pay Rates due at time of service

Basic Office Visit $110
Return Visit (within 10 days for same issue) No Charge
Return Visit (after 10 days for same issue) $65
Return Visit any time for different issue $110

Additional Charges to the Office Visit


Abscess Incision and Drainage Global Rate $90
Laceration Repair Global Rate $90


No Office Visit Required
B12 $15
PPD (TB) Test $45
Flu Vaccine $20
Hepatitis B Vaccine (for each shot) $75
Tetanus Vaccine (Td) (does not include pertussis vaccine) $45
Office Visit Required
Phenergan Injection $30
Joint Injection $60
Trigger Point Injection $60
Rocephin 500 mg Injection $35
Rocephin 1 gram Injection $45
Decadron / Steroid injection into muscle $25
Epinephrine injection into muscle $25
Toradol Injection $25

In Office Testing

Flu Test $25
Glucose Finger Stick No charge with visit
Mono Test $20
Strep Test No charge with visit
EKG (must have prescription for a physician) $45
Urinalysis No charge with visit
Urine Pregnancy (must see doctor) $10
X-ray (each body part) $60
Drug Screen (Office visit not required) $90
Drug Screen, Collection Only $40
Breath Alcohol $50

Office Prices

Self Pay Rates due at time of service

CBC $25
CMP $25
TSH $25
Lipids $25
Lipase $25
Sed rate $15
Total Testosterone (Early morning blood draw) $25
Vitamin B-12 & Folate $25
Vitamin D $75
Wound Cultures $25-50
Urine Culture $25
MMR Titer $100
Varicella Titer $50
Hemoglobin A1C $25
Iron $25
PSA total $25
Labs that require Doctor Visit
PT/INR (Need a prescription from your Dr and 1st visit must see our Dr) $25
GC/Chlamydia $75
Trichomonas $75
Hepatitis Panel $75
HIV $25
RPR $25

Other Office Services

Student/Sports Physical (under 18) $25
Crutches $25
Walking Boot $75
Nebulizer Machine $40
Wrist Splint $25
Thumb Spica Wrist Splint $35